Such a powerful, significant and life changing RF2015. So thankful for church, for pastors, for leaders, for friends, for this spiritual family… So blessed. Truly, we can never outgive God… 

“All gave some, some gave all” this resonated in my heart when I heard all the 5 powerful stories… The presence of God was so thick as I sat in the service… Giving releasing the power and the miracles of God. He deserves our best, He deserves all the glory and all the Honour and all the praise. Today was such an ignited moment. 
I want to be a FINISHER. Because I know many more lives will be touched, many more powerful stories will come out it that will touch the lives of others that they can see God through all these people.. 

It’s a done deal. We know in our hearts that we are going to move to our new HOME!!