Listened to Pst Lia’s sermon while traveling to work, felt so convicted and encouraged! Good things are meant to be shared.
Stand – Pst Lia

Ephesians 6:13 therefore take up the whole armour of God that you maybe able to withstand during evil days, having done all to stand.

What are the things we need to fortify so that we can stand against th devil? Pst Lia gave me so much insights to this. 

1. We do not lose heart! 

We stand because at the end of it all there is the crown of life!

“We dance until it rains”

We do not lose heart, we have outlasted and out stood the rest! God is not looking for talented people, but workers who will not lose heart doing God’s work.

The fight can wear you out when you keep picking yourself up. When you feel like giving up, that’s when you gotta fight the hardest!!! The moment we allow the devil to take wind out of our heart/spirit, is the day we stop standing. The day I lose heart is the day I stop standing.

*Its so important to not lose heart. I have been a Christian for 7 years! It’s so important to walk closely to God and never lose heart. 

But what’s 7 years compared to my pastors who gave their life to build HOGC.. They sacrifice so much for us.. It’s beyond measure. They never gave up. They never lose heart, their hearts for young people are still so strong then and even till now!

2. Don’t lose purity 

2 Corinthians 4:2

We gotta be transparent people. Paul values purity. Integrity produces endurance. Deception never last.

A clean engine produces more power.
A clean life produces much power! 

A Godly life produces strength!
When we become Christian, our value systems come to a shift. Our lives are more than the external. We become more aware of the internals which are more important because out of the heart flow issues of life.

Psalm 51:6 “Behold God, you desire truth in the inner parts”

We need to align our character to the standard of God’s word. At what level?
The small little things we do in our lives! Signs of compromise. Little lies that rolls out of your mouth so easily. A little compromise today becomes bad character of tomorrow! Your word is your bond. E.g. When you say you will pay money back, do it.

We do not live for the approval of men but we live for the approval of God! Celebrate our innocence when we were younger and hold on to it!


3. Don’t lose focus

“Everything I do is for th sake of Jesus” – Paul

Praise and criticisms are like bubble gum, you can chew on the gum for awhile, but you will be a fool if you swallow wholesale! 

Why do you do what you do in church for?What is your ultimate goal?

HOGC do not do things for people t see. it is to honour God. Eventually, it catch ppl’s attention. we simply want to be the first to rise up to know heart of God and preach it to the world to know. We will not put faith in the wisdom of men but we will put faith in the power of God. The godly culture has never been watered down to suit of the society. Nothing much has change! We won’t build a church for th world to see. We will never fight for popularity in th Church world.

“But none of these things moved me…”
Paul refuse to let what life derail him.. He understands that what happens in us is more important than what happens to us.

We can be like Paul… “none of these things moved me..”

I am a part of th fellowship of th unashamed.. 


If you ask me why Heart of God Church.. There’s too many factors but this is one of it. My pastors taught us so much principles in life in this sermon! Sermons that are applicable in our lives and even in our workplace/ school/ army. Pastors grew us, mould our characters through the word of God that equips us to fight against the devil who is in the world! 

Solid spiritual food made me strong and rooted in God’s love. Privilege to hear my pastors and the preaching team week in and week out giving their 200% in every sermon! Thankful and grateful to Pastors that taught us with so much truth and in a balance way! 

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