Hello world!
Finally back to the virtual world of blogging! It’s about time to share good stuff of what I have been doing almost everyday/week for the past 7 years of my life!!

A picture speaks a thousand word. This is just a snippet. My life was never the same anymore ever since I step into Heart of God Church. #HOGC.

IMG_2015-06-03 02:13:20

This is the place that I got saved.
This is a place, a home that I treasure the most.
I love my life, knowing so many new people, trenchbuddies, people of faith, people that’s always so encouraging. This is family.

I know in my heart, my whole family will come and experience God and believing for their salvation as well. God is so real, so so real in my life. I always tell people I am blessed beyond to be here in SG. Ask me why.